Monday, February 20, 2012

Asya from Smoosh & Dave From Head Like A Kite ~ Daydream Vacation

To help Asya and Dave make their new album "Daydream Vacation" go to this link on Kickstarter and chip in Get cool exclusive item's like signed CD's and T-shirts and other awesome stuff for contributing. Read the info on Kickstarter and listen to the above video by Asya and Dave to learn the details. Also follow & subscribe to Smoosh and Head Like a Kite on their social network sites listed below.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Paul Venable - Peace On Earth - Original Song

I came across Paul Venable's music on Youtube awhile back and he has some great original songs. I should have featured this song of his before Christmas but listen to his video and I am sure you can appreciate it anytime of year. Be sure and subscribe his Youtube channel to hear more great music and original song's.

Paul's Official Twitter!/PaulVeeMusic
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Henry Black - The Letter - Cover & Oh Darling - Beatles Cover

Henry Black - The Letter - The Box Tops Cover

Henry Black is a talented young musician from Orlando, Florida. He has been getting a lot of attention and an ever growing fan base by writing and performing some awesome original songs. Be sure and check his originals "Broken" and "Tied" that are performed by his band Sound Express. He also has done some cover's that he makes his own by performing his way. here are two of his covers "The Letter" and "Oh Darling". Be sure and subscribe his Youtube and other social networks that are listed below so you can hear more great music.

Official Sound Express Twitter!/SoundExpressH
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Henry Black - Oh Darling - Beatles Cover