Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sabrina Carpenter ~ Make You feel My Love ~ Feat Cameron & Nathaniel Hawk

Sabrina is an all around talent. She is a wonderful actress, she is a great dancer and a phenomenal singer. No wonder she has 43,000 subscribers on Youtube. Sabrina has a great personality and would make a perfect lead character in a television sitcom or even a movie. She also has international appeal with her singing videos getting millions of views in China on the Chinese video site Youku.

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Sabrina's Original Song and Music Video ~ Fall Apart ~

Sabrina ~ Nothing Compares 2 U ~ (cover)

Sabrina ~ Crazy Train ~ International Collaboration

Sabrina ~ God Save The Queen ~ Sung in Japanese

Sabrina Showing Off Her Dance Skills with ~ Friday fUnOfficial

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dee DxDutch ~ Better At Being Me ~ Original Youtube NextUp Entry

Dee (DxDutch) currently has over 20,000 subscribers on Youtube. She is a very creative songwriter, singer and guitar player. The 19yo from the Netherlands started playing her first guitar when she was 13yo. This video "Better At Being Me" is her entry into the Youtube NextUp contest for Youtube partners.

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DxDutch Original ~ Hate Falling In Love ~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shaun Barrowes & Maddie Wilson ~ I Won't Let Go ~ Rascal Flatts

Shaun Barrowes and Maddie Wilson singing a great duet of "I Won't Let Go" by Racsal Flatts. Shaun is very active doing collaborations with other singers through his Live For Music Youtube channel.

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Emilie Omland Grimstad ~ Cry ~ Rihanna (cover)

Emilie Omland Grimstad is a talented unsigned singer from Norway. In 2010 Emilie was a contestant on Norway's Got Talent (Norske Talenter).

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Watch Emile Perform in the Semifinal's of Norway's Got Talent

Watch Emilie's Spectacular Cover of Tyler Wards song "Falling"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anna Graceman ~ So Complicated ~ Original Song America's Got Talent Contestant 2011

11yo Anna Graceman writes almost all of her own music and songs. She appeared on America's Got Talent on June 21, 2011. She also appeared on The Ellen Show last year singing her original song "Paradise". She has a little sister that is notable for having a funny video that went viral on Youtube getting over 6,000,000 views as of this date. Currently Anna has over 30,000 subscribers on Youtube but that number will assuredly go up after today with her appearance on America's Got Talent. Congratulations Anna on your recent success!

Anna Graceman Official Youtube
Official Anna Graceman Twitter!/annagraceman
Anna Graceman's Little Sister Viral video

Anna Graceman's Little Sister vs David After Dentist

Anna Graceman Original Music Available on Amazon
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Josie Nelson Featuring Tyler Ward ~ Stop and Stare

Josie could have a career just as a songwriter. She has written dozen's of great original songs. But she she has an awesome unique voice as well and that means she can have a career as a singer and songwriter. And the amazing thing is she is only 11yo. Her and Colorado singer songwriter Tyler Ward do a wonderful version of "Stop and Stare".

Official Josie Nelson Youtube
Tyler Ward Official Youtube

Watch Josie and Tyler sing "The Story of Us"

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sound Express ~ Tied ~ Original by Henry Black

Sound Express is an awesome rock band. Lead guitarist and vocalist Henry Black wrote the music and lyrics for this original Sound Express song.
Other band members include Skyler Page, Grant Peyton, James Killgallon. To find out more about Henry check out this article on Stars2come:

Official Henry Black Youtube
Official Sound Express Twitter
Checkout Sound Express Original Song "Broken"

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sylwia Lipka ~ List ~

Sylwia Lipka (Pronounced Sylvia in English) is young unsigned singer from Poland. She has been singing since she was 10yo and she has made several music videos with original songs. Most of her music so far has been in Polish but in the past year she has done several cover songs in English as well. Here is a video in Polish from 2 years ago but it is one of my favorite's. She has more recent videos on her Youtube channel and later Eye C Talent will feature one of her English videos.

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RC Music ~ Grenade (Rock Cover) ~ Bruno Mars (cover)

From Indonesia this is RC Music (Randy & Cindy Music)
On Drums is Cindy Zen
Guitar Randy Zen
Vocal-Cavia & Vanya
They have a brand new Youtube account so be sure and hit the subscribe button so you can see future awesome videos from them.

Official RC Music Youtube

Emily Seal ~ Comin' Home ~ City And Colour (cover)

Emily Seal is from Alberta, Canada. She has been singing since she was 8yo. Her accomplishments include winning International Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year in Nashville, Tennessee in 2006.
NOTE: The above video is not on Emily's Youtube so if you want to subscribe to her use the link below.

Emily Seal Official youtube
Emily Seal Official Website
Official Emily Twitter!/EmilySeal1

Rancore ~ Jeito Livre ~ Original

Rancore is an awesome rock band out of São Paulo, Brasil. The English lyrics for this video are listed below as translated by Google Translate.

Jeito Livre
Here is water and fire, iron and smoke
the earth shakes when she passes,
water, air and fire, stone and iron smoke
the earth trembles as she passes.

Way to be free and make it happen for our love,
I want to learn and grow this beauty,
free way of being and our love happen.

A new day dawns and with it a new time,
off the leash no promises, just beautiful feelings,
a new day dawned and with it a new time,
who clings to the past dies
I appreciate the movement,
here's water, air and fire, iron, stone, fight, blessing and smoke,
the earth trembles as she passes.

Way to be free and make it happen for our love,
I want to learn and grow this beauty,
free way and happen to be our love,
my love you're free.

Way to be free and make it happen for our love,
I want to learn and grow this beauty,
free way and happen to be our love

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!

Rancore Official Website
Official Youtube
Rancore Official Twitter!/rancore

Danielle Lowe ~ Off Limits ~ Original

Canada has an abundance of awesome unsigned singers. This is Danielle Lowe singing a live version of her original song "Off Limits"

Official Danielle Lowe Website
Danielle Official Youtube
Danielle Official Twitter!/daniellelowe1
Danielle's Original Songs available on CD Baby

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lina Kuduzovic ~ Power of Love ~ Celine Deon (cover)

Lina is the winner of the 2010 Slovenia's Got Talent. What is amazing about that is she was only 7yo at the time. Here at 8yo she gets standing ovations from the crowd while singing "Power of Love".

Lina Kuduzovic Official Youtube
Lina Official Twitter!/LinaKuduzovic
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Lina Official Website

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lai Youttitham ~ Tinnie Tempah ~ (cover)

One of the most subscribed Canadian musicians of all time on Youube, Lai Youttitham is one of my favorite independent music artist. He has made a lot of cool collaboration videos with other singers and musicians. Here is one of his recent videos with Calvin Youttitham.

Lai Official Youtube
Lai Official Website

Sara Niemietz ~ Talking To The Moon ~ Bruno Mars (cover)

Sara from Chicago and now living in Los Angeles has recently appeared on The Ellen Show. Sara played the on screen guitarist on Glee and she has worked with singer and songwriter Jake Coco. This is not her most recent video but is one of my favorites.

Sara Niemietz Official Website
Sara Official Youtube
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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sydney Cubit ~ Turn Me Up (original)

Sydney has written many original songs in her young career as a singer and song writer.

Sydney Official Youtube
Sydney Official Twitter!/SYDNEYCUBIT
Sydney Official website

Monday, June 13, 2011

Karlijn Verhagen ~ You Lost Me ~ Christina Aguilera (cover)

Karlijn Verhagen is a 14yo singer from the Netherlands. She started singing at 10yo and has progressed from a good singer to an awesome singer during that time. Here is her most recent video and a performance that won her first place in a singing competition.

Official Karlijn Youtube
Stars 2 Come Article About Karlijn

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Josie Nelson ~ The Way I am ~ Ingrid Michaelson (cover)

Here is a new one just posted today by Josie. Josie Nelson is unbelievably only 11yo. Her singing voice has the maturity of a 25yo woman but her voice isn't forced at all. She sounds unique and natural. She has written dozens of original songs that are very good. In the Spring of 2011 this Minnesota girl was invited to record at Tyler Wards studio in Denver, Colorado. Tyler is an Independent singer and songwriter that has an extremely large subscriber base on Youtube. He has recorded with some of the best unsigned singers on Youtube.

Official Josie Nelson Youtube
Official Josie Nelson Facebook

Tyler Ward & Josie Nelson ~ The Story of Us ~ Taylor Siwft (cover)

Josie Nelson has written dozens of her own original songs. She is only 11yo but sounds as if she could be a 25yo woman. Her songs are sophisticated and she could make a career just from being a song writer. But her unique and beautiful voice will win you over right away. This video is a collaboration between Josie and Denver, Colorado singer and songwriter Tyler Ward.

Josie Nelson Official Youtube
Tyler Ward Official Youtube

Watch Josie and Tyler sing ""Stop and Stare"

Almira Fawn ~ Appalachia with JJ Grey ~

At only 13yo Almira Fawn has written several original songs already and even has her own CD "Chillax" available on iTunes.

Official Almira Fawn Website

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jasmine Clarke ~ I Surrender ~ Celine Dion (cover)

Jasmine is one of the most incredible young singers. Simply spectacular and hard to believe.

Jasmine Clarke Official Youtube
Jasmine Clarke Official Twitter!/jazzy_clarke