Monday, May 30, 2011

Sabrina Carpenter ~ Bound To You ~ Christina Aguilera (cover)

Sabrina Carpenter is an amazing girl from Pennsylvania. She has nearly 50,000 subscribers on Youtube where fans enjoy her incredible singing talent. In 2010 fans in China posted some of Sabrina's Youtube videos on the Chinese video site Youku. (Youtube is banned in China) Her videos received millions of views in China and this led to her being invited to China for the 2011 Chinese New Years celebration. She sung to a live audience and an estimated 100 to 200 million Chinese television Viewers. Despite her success at singing her true desire is to become an actress (Disney are you listening). In 2011 she made her television acting debut playing the part of an abused girl in Law & Order SVU Season 12 episode called "Possessed". Although her language is English she has sung songs in French, Japanese and Spanish as well.

Sabrina Carpenter Youtube
Official Sabrina Carpenter Website
Official Sabrina Carpenter Twitter!/SabrinaAnnLynn

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