Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sabrina Carpenter ~ Make You feel My Love ~ Feat Cameron & Nathaniel Hawk

Sabrina is an all around talent. She is a wonderful actress, she is a great dancer and a phenomenal singer. No wonder she has 43,000 subscribers on Youtube. Sabrina has a great personality and would make a perfect lead character in a television sitcom or even a movie. She also has international appeal with her singing videos getting millions of views in China on the Chinese video site Youku.

Sabrina Carpenter Official Youtube
Official Sabrina Website
Sabrina Official Twitter!/SabrinaAnnLynn
Sabrina IMBD
Sabrina's Music for Purchase on CD Baby
Follow Eye C Talent on Twitter!/EyeCtalent
Sabrina's Forum on TFCTalent
Official SabrinaTV

Sabrina's Original Song and Music Video ~ Fall Apart ~

Sabrina ~ Nothing Compares 2 U ~ (cover)

Sabrina ~ Crazy Train ~ International Collaboration

Sabrina ~ God Save The Queen ~ Sung in Japanese

Sabrina Showing Off Her Dance Skills with ~ Friday fUnOfficial

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