Monday, December 26, 2011

7 Awesome Original Songs by 7 Amazing Unsigned Singers

Charlotte Sabina ~ September ~ Original

Charlotte Sabina is an awesomely talented 11yo singer, songwriter and musician from New York. In addition to composing some of her own music Charlotte has released at least half dozen or more well written, awesomely performed original songs. One of her highlights so far is opening a concert for rock legend Jon Bon Jovi. And in fact all her song's are available on iTunes or Amazon where she currently donates all her profits to the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen You can Subscribe to Charlotte on her social networks listed below.

Charlotte Sabina Official Youtube
Charlotte Sabina Website
Charlotte Sabina Twitter!/CharlotteSabina
Charlotte Sabina Facebook
Charlotte Reverbnation

Pia Krämer ~ A Little Song ~ Original

This original song by Rob Elliot and Tom Simanek written for Pia Krämer a 12yo singer from Germany. Pia has been singing since she was a small child but with no formal training. She has participated in several singing competitions in Europe such as Euro Pop Contest 2010, Singing Young Stars 2010, Young Stars in Contest 2011 and Bravo Star 2011. She is also learning to play instruments such as violin. Subscribe to this talented singers official social networks listed below.

Pia Krämer Official Youtube
Forum for Pia Krämer on TFCTalent
Pia Krämer Facebook
Pia Krämer Fan Run Facebook Page
Rob Elliot and Tom Simanek Youtube collaboration channel

Tallulah Darling ~ Can't stop, Won't Stop ~ Original

Tallulah Darling describes themselves as 4 girls from Toronto that like to write songs and play music and they do that awesomely well. The band consist of Elora Taylor - Lead vocalist & songwriter, Dee Filc – Bass Guitarist and Background vocals, Alex Pearl- Lead Guitar, Michelle Ervin- Drums. They have a 6 song CD released on iTunes November 2011

Tallulah Darling Official Youtube
Tallulah Darling Official Twitter!/tallulahdmusic
Tallulah Darling Official Facebook
Tallulah Darling Website
Tallulah Darling Wordpress Blog

Matt Roy ~ Angel ~ Original

Matt Roy is a singer, songwriter and musician that has written several awesome songs such as "Angel" that can be seen and heard on his Youtube channel. He also has a performance schedule posted on his Youtube page so if your interested in seeing him perform live check it out. You can subscribe to Matt's social networks listed below.

Matt Roy Official Youtube
Matt Roy Official Twitter!/MattRoyLive
Matt Roy Official Facebook

Ischico Velzel ~ Hold On To ~ Original

This original song "Hold On To" is written by 15yo Ischico Velzel a singer from the Netherlands. She also composes her own music on piano. On her Youtube channel you can listen to at least a half dozen well written original songs. Subscribe to Ischico's social networks listed below.

Ischico Velzel Official Youtube
Ischico Official Twitter!/ischico
Ischico Official Website

Natalie Oliveri ~ Childhood Dreams ~ Original

Natalie Oliveri is a Soul/Latin singer and songwriter from Chicago. She has a recently recorded CD titled "London Cool". You can subscribe to Natalie's social networks listed below.

Natalie Official Youtube
Natalie Official Facebook
Natalie's Blog
Natalie Official Twitter!/natalieoliveri

Makayla Lynn ~ The Jokes On You ~ Original

This original song by Makayla Lynn called "Jokes On You" is about being bullied. her debut CD was recorded in June 2011 titled "I'll Just Keep Being Me" containing 6 original songs. Makayla has performed live at events such as the Cavendish Beach Music Festival in Canada that also featured talent such as Brad Paisley & Toby Keith. Subscribe to this talented young singers social network's listed below.

Makayla Lynn Official Youtube
Makayla Lynn Official Twitter!/musicalmakayla
Makayla Lynn Reverbnation
Makayla Lynn Official Facebook
Makayla Lynn Website
Makayla Lynn Forum at TFCTalent

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