Saturday, July 30, 2011

10 Amazing Unsigned Singers ~ 10 Awesome Original Songs ~

Sites like Youtube have become a platform for amazing original unsigned singers and musicians to get their music heard. However if you don't know where to look it can be hard to find them. I have been looking for a long time so I started this blog to help you to find some of the wonderful talent I see everyday on Youtube. Here is a list of 10 Awesome singers with 10 of their original songs. If your one of the great singers I follow on Twitter and Youtube and you aren't on this list don't worry I will be making more list like this and be posting more great talent on my blog. Below each video I have listed the singers Twitter (If they have one) and their Youtube profile. The list is in no particular order (They are all Awesome)

Sound Express Henry Black ~ Tied (Original)

Official Sound Express Twitter!/SoundExpressH
Official Sound Express Youtube ~ Henry Black

Marnée ~ While My Tears Turn To Ice (Original)

Official Marnée Youtube
Marnée official Twitter!/Marneemusic

Charlotte Sabina ~ Lighting (Original)

Charlotte Sabina Official Youtube
Official Charlotte Twitter!/CharlotteSabina

Almira Fawn ~ Beautiful (Original)

Almira's Youtube
Almira's Website

Josie Nelson ~ Sunshine (Original)

Josie Official Youtube

Noelle Maracle ~ Imagine (Original)

Noelle Official Youtube

Sabrina Carpenter ~ Fall Apart (Original)

Sabrina Official Youtube
Sabrina's Official Twitter (All others are impostors)!/SabrinaAnnLynn

Sylwia Lipka ~ The Gateway To Happiness / Brama do szczęścia (Original)oryginał

Sylwia Official Youtube
Sylwia Official Twitter!/SylwiaLipka

Jasmine Clarke ~ Nothing To Hide (Original)

Jasmine Official Youtube
Jasmine Clarke Official Twitter!/jazzy_clarke

Kelsey Doll ~ Gypsy Original

Kelsey Official Youtube
Kelsey Official Twitter!/KelseyDoll11

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  1. Thanks for share my song! :)
    ~ xoxo Sylwia <33333