Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Connie Talbot ~ I Will Always Love You ~ (Cover)

Connie Talbot gained international attention when at only 6yo in 2007 she became a finalist on Britain's Got Talent. Connie says on her Twitter account "I am also just a normal kid". However her videos on Youtube have received combined over 500,000,000 views. She loves to sing and people love to hear her sing. Recently she has had an increased presence on Youtube and at the age of 10 has been busy learning piano, singing and going to school. Her voice has been maturing beautifully as evidenced by the above video. Connie loves to make home videos of her singing.

Connie Talbot Official Youtube
Connie's Official Twitter
Connie's Official Forum
Connie's Official Website
Connie's Forum on TFCTalent
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Connie Talbot Britain's Got Talent Audition (Over 100,000,000 views)

Connie Talbot ~ Three Little Birds ~ (From her CD)

Connie Talbot Home Video Singing ~ Halo ~ Beyonce (cover)

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