Sunday, September 4, 2011

Madi Vanpay100 (on Youtube) California Kingbed (cover) Teddy Bear Version

Madi is an 11yo singer from the USA. Having just started a Youtube channel (Vanpay100) in November, 2010 she quickly became a hit having already obtained nearly 7,000 subscribers as of September 2011. I have seen thousands of talented young singers on Youtube and that is remarkable to get that many subscribers in that amount of time. But people are attracted to her wonderful voice and charm. It's easy to become a fan after you hear her sing.
Below are some of my favorite videos from Madi.

Madi's Official Youtube Channel
Madi's Official Forum on TFCTalent
EyeCtalent on Twitter!/eyectalent
EyeCtalent on Youtube (2 Channels) With more great singing & musical talent.

Madi ~ Run ~ Snow Patrol Leona Lewis version

Madi~ Jar of Hearts ~ Christina Perri Glee Version

Madi ~ Looking Through The Eyes of love ~ Ice Castles Theme

Madi ~ Drive My Soul ~ Valerie Poxleitner (cover)

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