Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sylwia Lipka ~ He's Just A Boy ~ McKenzie Comer ~ (cover)

Sylwia Lipka is a 14yo singer from Poland. I like to feature singers from all different countries here and I can appreciate a beautiful voice even when it's in a language I don't know. Most of her videos are in Polish and she has the occasional song sung in English. Sylwia has a few original songs and videos as well as several cover's. In addition to singing she plays the piano. She started singing when she was 10yo. One of her influences is Taylor Swift.

Sylwia Lipka Official Youtube
Sylwia Lipka Official Twitter!/SylwiaLipka
Sylwia's Forum on TFCTalent
EyeCtalent on Twitter!/eyectalent
EyeCtalent on Youtube ~ I have 2 Channels

Sylwia Lipka ~ Stay With Us ~ Zostań z nami

Sylwia Lipka ~ There Was No Place For You ~ Nie było miejsca dla Ciebie

Sylwia Lipka ~ Ave Maria

Sylwia Lipka ~ Letter To Mother ~ List do Matki ~ Violetty Villas

Sylwia Lipka ~ Letter ~ List ~ Knurów

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